Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s: Kelly Will

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Just over a year ago, Kelly Will decided to quit her career as a New York City gossip columnist, sell all of her belongings, and travel to all 50 states in 365 days to view what life is really like in the United States. After 164 host homes, 615 connections, and 36,000 miles driven, Will discovered how connected we are, and she is determined to share her movement of “One Person, One Community, One Nation.”

In her project, “Kelly Broadcasts America,” Will posts blog

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Why I am not a perfectionist

369649914_cacac447df_zphoto via flickr user Brandy

Sometimes there is a typo in my blog or I forget to do something or I make a mistake, but I have learned to let these things go. I try not to worry about being a perfectionist.

Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t proofread and do my best to avoid mistakes, but sometimes they just happen. In the beginning of my freelance career I was more concerned with little errors and slip ups. So much so that it would

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Career Confidential: Jessica Ekstrom


Full name?: Jessica Ekstrom

Position / Job title?: Founder and CEO of Headbands of Hope

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a journalist. I loved writing and telling stories, so I thought journalism was perfect for me. I got really caught up in the idea of writing for a shiny NYC magazine. I was definitely more focused on the “looks” of the job and not as much the purpose.

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Dating and being an entrepreneur

Lone tree of Lovephoto via flickr user Doug Wheller

As you have probably gathered by this point, I am usually on my soapbox about maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Even if you own your own business it is so, so important to not let work be your whole life. I truly believe you have to have other things that you enjoy to be successful at work.

While it is easy to talk about maintaining friendships when you’re a busy entrepreneur, dating is a whole

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Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s: Amy Friedman

AmyFriedmanTo celebrate her 20th year in business, Amy Friedman is telling us the 3 things she wishes she knew in her 20s!!

In 1994, she and two other female business partners launched Human Resources International. They knew they were off to a good start because they made a profit in Year One and have continued to do so. With Wall Street representing 75% of their first client base, Friedman pioneered a new business model that incorporated diversity, ethics, innovation, and cutting-edge techniques that positioned her firm as

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Cinderella Disrupted: The New Happily Ever After

Adobe Photoshop PDFJust like Cinderella in days of yore, young women today have little chance of being invited to the “main event” without figuring out a clever way to get themselves through the royal velvet ropes on their own steam. With staggering unemployment rate among teens and recent college grads, it’s no wonder that teens are changing their thinking about the traditional routes to success, and inventing their own disrupted models for achieving their happily ever after.

When we first meet Cinderella in the fairy tale, she’s saddled with a wicked

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Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s: Karen Scoggins


Before founding My Perfect Pet Food, Karen Scoggins had a very successful 25 year professional corporate career in science, engineering, and R&D. Then, in 2007, when her beloved yellow lab died, she decided that she wanted to pursue her passion. Right around that time, the largest pet food re-call in history took place.

It was the wake-up call she needed to act on her instincts and stress the importance of pet nutrition to people across America. Karen found herself driven by passion to form

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Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s: Redickaa Subramanian

redickaaSometimes, I wake up and lack inspiration for just abut everything. That happened to me today. I looked at my to-do list, and was just not in the mood for any of it. Then, I started reading this “3 Things” post, and I got inspired again by the great advice! This is definitely the best thing about my blog…I learn so much from all the wonderful ladies that contribute.

This week, we have Redickaa Subramanian! She is the chief strategist at Interakt, a digital marketing company. With

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The Art of Saying “No”

5580127313_e8436f8756_zphoto via flickr user marc falardeau

The word “no” has become my best friend, but I haven’t always been that comfortable with saying it. I used to feel the need to say “yes” to all my clients and friends to keep them happy. In the end, though, I was the one who would end up unhappy.

When I would agree to start something I didn’t want to I’d end up feeling resentful and angry and my work became more of a chore than fun. If it

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2 Baby Showers – Texas Theme & Pool Party Theme

We’re in the final countdown for baby arrival over here. Last month, I was able to get back to the great state of Texas to visit with family and friends where the awesome Rebekah Epstein (you know, the super chick that runs this blog and Glamptrepreneur) threw my Texas-themed baby shower.

When I arrived back in Florida, my stellar USMC family made my Pool Party Baby Shower dreams come true.

So without further ado, here are the details for your pinning pleasure…or whatever.

A Texas Shower for Maximilian Dallas

Texas Themed
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